Mission and Vision

Fluxion’s mission is to become a world leader in ethical marketing by offering an alternative for digital marketing. We want to increase accessibility to artificial intelligence and data science so that companies can accelerate their growth and competitiveness locally and internationally.

Fluxion DNA


Less, but better. We live in a society of infobesity and attention economy where focus is disappearing. We believe that focusing on what is essential is the one and only way to reach one’s full potential.


We believe that the merit of individuals or companies should be based strictly on their intrinsic skills. We want to prevail the merit of the idea regardless of its path. We also want to promote free competition and reduce the power of oligopolies.

Surpassing oneself

We want to create an environment that fosters the personal and professional development of our employees. We believe that beyond the end result, the most important thing is the quality of the process. Whatever the starting point, it is the journey of continuous improvement and surpassing that is important.


Desperate situations call for drastic remedies. If we want to change the face of the digital marketing industry and have a persistent and transformative impact around the world, we must be innovative and excel in the niche we are developing.


We believe that individuals have a right to privacy and that the sale of data should not be correlated with the degree of success of a business. Therefore, we want to support initiatives and companies that share this value.


We believe that the human being is at the heart of everything. We want to take care of each member of our team and each of our clients by promoting authenticity and transparency. We want to be serious, but not take ourselves seriously and reward each of our successes.


We believe in
the power of teamwork.

Charles Demontigny

Charles Demontigny,

Founder & CEO

I am the founder and head of data science at Fluxion AI. My passion for analytics dates back to my early days at JLR where I spent a lot of time working on my vision of how to use data in business. As a seasoned data scientist, I specialize in quantitative analysis of customer behavior using statistical and artificial intelligence techniques. Outside of work, I am a big sports enthusiast, especially cycling and outdoor sports.

Amélie Primeau Bureau

Amélie Primeau Bureau


As a manager and creative leader, I am passionate about business development and innovation. I like to motivate a team to surpass itself, take on new challenges and “challenge” the status quo. My professional background in management in the arts brings a fresh look at the science of data at Fluxion. Besides the arts, meditation, yoga and the outdoors are my best allies!

Quentin Tabourin

Scientifique de données

Passionate and communicative by nature, I love discovering new fields and getting involved in stimulating projects. I was gripped by data science during my studies in aerospace engineering. It was during consulting mandates that I noticed how much the use of already recovered data could simplify decision making. Outside of work, I’m a big sports fan, especially soccer and outdoor sports.

Arthur Bousquet

Arthur Bousquet

Junior Software Developer

As a software developer with a passion for open source and artificial intelligence, I can link the two at Fluxion. Respect and data security are at the heart of my values. I also enjoy testing and repairing old computers.

Alek Racicot

Alek Racicot

Junior Data Scientist

I am an economics student with a strong interest in artificial intelligence and econometrics. Following suit with the nerd stereotype, I enjoy manga, puzzles, Star Wars and playing chess. May the forces of Fluxion be with you.

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